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Exclusive, professional chauffeur and limousine services

We see ourselves as a service provider and partner which is standing at your side when you need asstiance with your guests. Flexibility, loyalty, personal commitment and experience. These are basic pillars of our high performance limousine-, chauffeur- and bus company.


Local and national companies,
Condor, Lufthansa, Condor Berlin,
Kempinski, Radisson, Bülow Residenz,
Skoda, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce,
Bentley, Sixt, Hertz, Coca Cola, Siemens,
AWD, Jaguar, Saxacon, Minerva,
Travelwell CH, Robinson Crusoe USA,
Abercrombie & Kent USA, ZDF, Yamaha,
Royal Bank of Scotland, Allianz,
Individual customers from the USA,
Customers from politics, economy and culture,
Private customer


Pontifex Benedikt XVI Erfurt 2011
MOTO GP Sachsenring 2009
Transfer Service
The Visit Of The Queen Of The Netherlands 2011
Visit of the armenian president in Dresden 2008
Tour escort Roger Hodgens
Tour escort Genesis
Visit His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa Hamburg 2010
State visit China 2009
State Visit Barack Obama Dresden 2009
State Visit Wladimir Putin Dresden 2009
Chess Olympiad 2008 (4000 participants)
Confederations Cup Leipzig 2005
Yamaha Driving for Passion 2005
The Visit Of The Queen Of Denmark
International Motorsport press
Allianz IBK 2005
Audi R6 plus Dresden 2004 (60 participants)

RWE / Ruhrgas Dresden 2004 (100 Teilnehmer)
Games Convention Leipzig 2004
Siltronik Werkseröffnung Freiberg 2004
EON Vorstandstreff Dresden 2004
Catiturama Dresden 2004 (200 Teilnehmer)
Allianz Dresden 2004 (600 Teilnehmer)
Chinesische Fachpresse
Markteinführung Phaeton China 2004
Bosch VB Club (400 Teilnehmer)
VW Get Ready
Grüne Woche Russische Delegation 2004
Siltronik Analystentreff Freiberg 2003/2004
Phaeton Händlertagung 2002 Dresden (5000 Teilnehmer)
ESC Congress Berlin 2002 (4000 Teilnehmer)
Großkundenveranstaltung VW 2002
VIP Wochenenden Phaeton 2002
Amerikanische Presse Betreuung Berlin / Dresden 2002
Jaguar Roadshow 2001
Shuttle Service
Indischer Premier Besuch Frankfurt 2000
Coca Cola Berlin 2000
Vorstandssitzung Philipp Morris
Internationale Luftausstellung Paris 2001
Volkswagen Luxury Class Experience
Volkswagen Canada Dresden/Berlin
Passat Präsentation Dresden 1996